Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Off to Siem Reap, Cambodia - Angkor Wat!

2/19/09-2/21/09 - Thursday, Friday and Saturday

About 11 of us are off to Siem Reap while the others prepare to leave to go back home and a few to travel on. We visited a few temples in Siem Reap, of course Angkor Wat which was quite amazing. Each temple was beautiful and stunning in it's own way. One had trees intertwined with the temple, the next had 196 Buddha faces, and one after climbing to the top was the best place to watch the sunset. We went to dinner and a show one night where we watched the beautiful Cambodian dancers. I laughed when the Coconut Dance was performed knowing I didn't move as beautiful as each of them. My time in Siem Reap was too short but again I knew I would be back to share this with Ed. I left Saturday morning from Siem Reap to Luang Prabang, Laos. I sit and looked out the window waiting for the plane and felt a heaviness in my heart. Tears filled my eyes once again leaving a country, people and children I fell in love with. But happiness lifted me knowing I will return and I'm on my way to be with Ed.

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