Monday, March 2, 2009

Another Day at the Village!

2/17/09 - Tuesday

We all go back the second day to the Village to help fertilize the rice paddies and herd the water buffaloes not sure what that all means. Definitely something I never did in Brooklyn or Rhode Island. The rice paddies were bought by Scott located not too far from the village itself. It's a big field, appearing to be broken up in patches of squares. The flip flops come off, I pick up a basket of fertilizer venture out to the fields. My foot hesitates in mid-air going into the unknown. What the hell, when will I ever experience anything like this again.? As my foot touches the wet soil in a couple of inches of water, I laugh feeling the dirt and water squish between my toes. I begin to fling the "shit" around as I was showed - laughing. I surprise myself constantly with the things I do. It wasn't just a one time experience, I constantly went back and forth filling up my basket with fertilizer and heading out into the field. Thankfully even though it was hot, the sky was covered with clouds creating shade well needed to work in the fields. This work continued until all the sections of the rice paddies were covered with "shit". It was a beautiful countryside as we walked the water buffaloes back to the village. The people walked along with us as a young boy "Mok" (definitely not sure of the spelling) and his Mom hold my hands. We smile, laugh and somehow communicate with each other. All of us arrive at the village and "all of us" - Seva Challenge Participants and the "Village People" pile onto the bus. I sit with my buddy, Mok and his mom. We are off the the Pagoda Temple. Beautiful and a monk generously offers a chant for us. Sweet music to my ears. The photo session starts after the chanting with smiles and laughs. These people are so warm and loving. We were standing outside the temple preparing to go back on the bus and one woman communicates to me that she likes my white shirt. A shirt I worn over my tank top to cover my shoulders in respect for the temple. I immediately took it off and give it to her. She smiles from ear to ear and says something I just can't understand. I look at her confused and she hooks my finger in hers and manages to say "sisters". Another magical moment and another heart warming experience. Goodbyes and hugs follow as I look each of them in their eyes never forgetting how they each touched my soul.

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  1. Hi Jude,
    Been following your and the children continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.