Tuesday, March 3, 2009

National Museum, Dance Performance and The Best Ever Dance Party!

2/18/09 - Wednesday

Unbelievable to say this is the last day. This morning we began with a detox yoga practice consisting of lots of twists, heart openers and forward bends. We close in a circle each sharing the experience for the past 2 weeks. "I am thankful and blessed to be part of all of this. I take home with me a huge bag of awakenings and learnings both good and bad. I'm so grateful to Suzanne and Seane for sharing this magical time with all of us." The afternoon is free to pack and do whatever your heart desires. Karen and I go to the National Museum. It's very interesting with many different old pieces of art and sculptures. Early evening we all go to CCF6 where all the children from the various CCF are there. We gather there for a Dance Performance by many of the children. As the curtain opens and there is a huge banner "Thanking all of the SEVA Challenge Participants", with the CCF and the Off the Mat Into the World logos creatively done, I smile. I'm sitting with a few children as one child takes my camera and begins to snap away. I turn behind me and with such surprise and joy I see Srey Ny. I call her name the best way I could pronounce it. She looks at me, dressed in her beautiful outfit she received a few days ago, a twinkle in her eyes and a smile on her lips. I pick her up and place her on my lap as we watch the show together. It is so beautiful to watch each dance and how gracefully each child moves. The music is lovely and my heart is just singing. I watch Srey Ny as she is so attentive to the dance and children on stage. Her hands clap on mine and after every dance her hands join together clapping with excitement. At one point, I wonder if she and many of the children have ever experienced anything like this before - it saddens me and makes me wonder if children/people in the US or other parts of the world appreciate life as these children do. The amazing show ends and Srey Ny is off my lap to play with some friends. Scott offers a few grateful words to us and the PARTY begins. The music gets louder and the dancing starts. A few girls grab my hand and we dance the night away. Song after song we laugh, smile and move. These children have rythm. It's the best dance party I have ever been too. As my little dancers and myself move around the dance floor, we dance with so many different people, staff members and children. Covered in sweat, we all didn't stop. Scott singing away in Khmer with his body moving and happiness all over his face - I asked him if he knew what he was singing and he sure did. The music continued and our feet didn't stop moving. Before I knew it, it was the last song. But like every last song, there were a couple of last songs. It was time to say "Goodbye". Not sure how many hours it will take but I'll do my best. I hug the staff, and as many of the children I could possible wrap my arms around as I slowly make it towards the exit. I looked for Srey Ny but she was gone - a little pain beated in my heart, not being able to give here a huge hug goodbye. But knowing myself, tears would have flown out of my eyes to say goodbye to her. Even though in my heart I know I will be back there someday. The group of us slowly released those arms and hands tightly around us and one by one we made it onto the bus. Scott joins us for our last dinner together at a nice restaurant. At the end of the dinner, one more hug and goodbye to Scott, an amazing, amazing soul.

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