Monday, February 9, 2009

The Long Journey!

2/6/09 - Friday, 4:10pm - SF to Taipei, Taiwan
I missed my flight last night and spent the night in SF. My flights were rearranged and my new date and time of arrival in Phnom Penh, Cambodia is Sunday, 2/8 at 8:50am (that's 8:50pm on Sunday,2/8 back home). As I looked out the window before I boarded the plane - the awakening of leaving the USA begins to settle in. As I boarded the plane filled with disbelief of what actually transpired over the past year, I am welcomed so graciously onto the plane. Happy I'm on EVA Air with the warmth of the crew. NOW - reality begins - I'm going to Cambodia. Settling into my seat and pleased the flight isn't full - I stare out the window and acknowledge I'm going to the other side of the world. Feeling of hollowness in my stomach, and tears in my eyes - Why?, I'm not quite sure. Not nervous but remembering the last time I went to the other side of the world. Thinking I was going to study and learn Thai Massage which I did but met Ed. My heart and my life was in such a different place but the last thing I thought would happen did. My life with Ed began - my heart scared but willing to let him in knowing he was special. So here I sit - with Ed in my heart this time, wondering what lies ahead of me. I wonder with openness and freedom to let the universe provide what it will. My eyes widened, my lips smile as I hear words I can't understand, see symbols and words I can't read but feel a warmth in my heart as I here myself say "I'm going to Cambodia". (filled with emotion and excitement.)

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