Monday, February 23, 2009

CCF 6, CC & Satellite School

2/13- Friday

My group heads to CCF6 . Again the facility is clean as the staff is so welcoming. The children are smiling and as I began to read with them - I'm amazed how well many of them read English. both boys and girls are so sweet and gentle. I notice how willingly each of them want to learn. Again, they love their picture taken, some children would take my camera and later in the day I get to enjoy many pictures. I assist the staff in dishing out the soup and again these deep brown eyes and the sweetest voices would look at me and say "Thank You" It's playtime again - FUN, FUN, FUN. The legos come out and I sit with a bunch of girls and help them build. I notice how well we communicate with each other not being able to speak the same language. Smiles, laughs, hugs and love are so universal. I hear the only words I hate to hear " It's time to go." In the evening, I'm fortunate enough to go back to the Community Center (CC) and the Satellite School. We begin to play with the children outside and once again the little girl who I met the very first day is there. She comes running over to me (our eyes and heart connect) and I sweep her into my arms. A few of us begin to play with a bunch of children under a big parachute. It doesn't take much for these children to have fun. Remember this is a safe place not far from the dump, toxic smell still in the air but a joyful place to get food, care and love. Much different living and working on /around the garbage dump. They create various games with no props. Slowly, Laurel and I understand the instructions. There is so much laughter! Off to the Satellite School which is located on the garbage dump. It's set up very simply - a big tarp serves as the roof, a simple board to write on and a bunch of chairs filled with attentive and eager to learn children. Take a moment, sit and realize what Scott has done, he even thought of educating the children still on the dump- The more I witness here, the more I admire this man. A young girl covered in filth came over to me while I joyfully watched these children learn. I reached down and gently lifted her in my arms. She looked directly into my eyes and we both smiled. Before I knew it she was fast asleep. I was so touched and saddened feeling a young child truly surrender and feel safe in a completely stranger's arm. The power of touch - more than words can express. What a magical moment!


  1. The power of love - more than words can express.
    You have been touched by it because you have given so much. You are very kind.
    With much admiration, Susan
    As always, I will pray for your protection.

  2. Hi Jude,
    Been following your journey...Amazing.
    Prayers for you and the children,